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With each event and year, we learn, we grow and become more experienced.

That is why we never forget and value our history so much.

We invite you to learn about our past events!


TEDxISM 2016 Outside the Box

Sometimes you have to forget ideas full of stereotypes and think creatively. Seek for bigger goals, have more ambitions, get the better life, aspire to change your attitude.


TEDxISM 2014 Snooze or Choose

TEDxISM is back. This year’s theme is Snooze or Choose. The ideas of the speakers will help us answer the question: to sleep and procrastinate, not able to escape from unpopular activities, or to choose not to be afraid to seek your dreams, change yourself and change your life? We know that choices are not always right: we’ll try to figure out how mistakes can help us spot new opportunities. This conference will be like a cup of strong coffee – waking up and pushing forward.

TEDxISM 2013 Circles we make

Have you ever wondered that everything we think we know might just be wrong? What the world is turning into that fast? Where do we come from? What’s out there? Who are we? How dare we be optimistic? What’s next?


TEDxISM 2012 Menas veikti

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