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Journal Research Assistant

Skelton is a research assistant at the Baby Lab of the University of Sussex, which seeks to determine how infants learn to understand the world. When she started working at the lab, she found out about the weird world of colour cognition. After this discovery, Alice became very interested in the topic of how babies see and perceive the world, what it can tell us about how they learn about the world, and why we behave the way we do as adults.

One of the largest projects Alice has taken part in is the Categories project, which looks at the categorisation of colours in infants below 6 months of age. The purpose of the project is to find out what is it that babies are using to make their colour categories and what can that tell us about the way we talk about colour as adults.Alice is going to talk about how we, humans, are lucky enough to see in colour, but we do not really realise how strange some of the things we do with colour are.

Alice is going to point out just one of the strange things we do with colours – talk about them. Alice will also show how babies can help us understand why we think about colour the way that we do.