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Founder of Silo

Douglas McMaster is a chef and founder of a first ever zero-waste restaurant called Silo. Before the opening of Silo, Douglas has worked all around the world in high profile restaurants such as St. John Bread & Wine in Spitalfields, London. In 2009 Douglas won the ‘BBC Young Chef of the Year Award’, while in 2012, he won the title of ‘Britain’s most irreverent chef’ at the first Y.B.F awards, cooking a tasting menu comprised of food that would have otherwise been ’wasted’.

He also ran a pop-up restaurant called ‘Wasted’ in Sydney and Melbourne where he developed his zero-waste ideas before opening Silo Brighton in 2014. From sourcing to serving, his mantra is: ‘Waste is a failure of the imagination.’ Therefore, everything arrives to the restaurant directly from the farmers, cutting out processing, packaging and food miles. A Compost machine is used to turn scraps and trimmings into compost that is then used to support the growth of even more produce.

Douglas will illustrate his interest for food systems that work with nature and not against it with an example of Silo. He will also talk about how zero waste was a self-inflicted limitation giving birth to a pre-industrial food system and how it is a shift of perspective that shines a light on ingredients and materials that are not given the attention they deserve.