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IT services Sales manager at Blue Bridge

I am Edita Verbickaite. I recently went through a drastic career change and started my professional journey in Blue Bridge company as IT services Sales Manager after spending 5 years in 3D printing industry. I reached the point when I felt this is the right time for challenges to hit me. I wanted to get a new set of skills. I am a woman and certified engineer; it is never easy in nowadays-stereotyped society. Many times, I was asked to hold interviews about women in technology field as if it was something spectacular. I believe that people cannot be just one-way professionals. I took my chance to realize myself in different role by following my life motto ‘now or never’. Nevertheless, for the past several years I had strong relationship with 3D printing and its technologies. I was able to do my bachelor and master thesis related to this field. I had an opportunity to work in one 3D printing start-ups in Germany, became part of developing product and got deeper professional understanding about the industry.

Moreover, I passionately believe in technology development: AI, chatbots, VR and IT that are rapidly changing our world and living habits. That is why I decided to talk in TEDxISM event about 3D printing. The topic: ‘3D printing – multidisciplinary movement’. 3D printing as a phrase gives us different expectations based on our individual experiences. However, what multidisciplinary movement means? And how we can be a part of it?