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Evelina is working for Oxfordshire Mind, the organization based in the UK, offering coping skills and creative services for people who experience mental health issues. She has also recently become a coaching psychologist, as the idea of empowering others, especially young people, for a change, removing psychological barriers, in order to go for their dreams and ambitions, fascinated her since she came back from the journey.

When being on the road Evelina and her husband came upon countless cultures, amazing corners of nature and neglected sites. Later they were able to see the fuller picture of their experiences and how they might have been affected by them. Evelina wants to share what she learned about herself and Karolis, her travel companion and husband, during 18 months on the road. In particular, how they overcame difficulties and how it changed their attitude to time, pain, silence, beauty, boredom, the world and what it means to have or not to have a home.