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Communication specialists

Alfredas Babkovskis is the Managing Director of SLO Lithuania – a b2b distribution company that sells electrical products and related services for industrial, utility and construction customers. After working for 4 years in Geneva, he returned to Lithuania willing to contribute his ideas and experience in building more sustainable future for the country. His energetic approach, foreign experience and adaptation of new business strategies increased the company‘s turnover in Lithuania by 70% over a 3 year period. Currently there are 67 people working at SLO, the company operates in the 5 largest cities of Lithuania. Besides work, he has a passion for martial arts and is the President of Lithuanian Aikido Aikikai Federation.

Giedrė Simanauskaitė is an internal communications guru at INK agency. She holds the degree in psychology, social and cultural anthropology. Applying social science insights at work, Giedrė consults business companies on how to increase employee happiness and engagement at work since it leads to higher productivity and profit. Her career also has international swing: after 7 years living abroad, she return to Lithuania and joint “Create for Lithuania” programme. Her working experience includes market research in Indonesia, cultural policy reforms in the South Caucasus, working at UNESCO HQ in France.

SLO Lithuania and INK agency created and implemented the “corporate tribe idea“, which is based on tribal attitude applied to the corporate leadership. It was awarded as the Best internal communication solution 2016 at the PaRa Impact Awards and continually has been implemented at SLO Lithuania.