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Tireless project co-founder

Vilius Benetis – junior product development engineer at Narbutas Furniture Company, bachelor at VGTU in Industrial Product Design, studying Industrial Design master’s degree at VGTU. All his life Vilius was interested in making new things, especially making the idea, design and basic components construction, so not a big surprise that he ended up studying industrial design and started working with furniture. Vilius had some experience with different kind of products he worked through in his life, but he has never made a pair of shoes before. However, everything changed when he and four other industrial designers come to participate in Futureprenuers event. They were inspired there to try to solve the problem of old tire waste. As industrial designers, they found it pleasantly challenging, interesting and suiting not only their specialty, but thinking as well.

Of course, Vilius interests are bonded with his work, thus Vilius loves art, design, and technology. He is a very big fan of music, movies, board and video games, as he believes it is a great way to let your brain rest and get some new ideas to create everything that comes to your mind.

During his talk Vilius will try to introduce listeners with industrial design and the influence it has in our society. Vilius will explain, why it is so important in these times and what makes it so influential, by giving some examples. The key message – why industrial design fueled products are great way to spread and prove ecological ideas. The main goal will be to give audience some ideas to think about. And of course, all these insights are tightly tied up with Tireless – a project Vilius is a part of.